2014 | Short Fiction | HD (Arri Alexa) | 11 minutes


The enthusiastic young director Flori rehearses a fringe theatre production of Igor Stravinsky’s revolutionary ballet “The Rite of Spring”. She is dissatisfied with the performance of her much older soloist Helen, who seems unable to accept the role of the female sacrifice, who literally dances herself to death in an act of devotion. Flori therefore uses manipulative directing strategies to force Helen into her part as the victim.



Jella Haase | FLORI

Effi Rabsilber  | HELLEN

Uwe Preuss  | FATHER



Director  |  Steffen Köhn

Producer  |  Henrika Kull

Screenplay  |  Steffen Köhn, Henrika Kull, Jonas Zimmermann

DoP  |  Phillip Kaminiak

Editor  |  Steffen Köhn

Choreographer  |  Saskia Oidtmann

Music  |  Igor Stravinsky



Montréal World Film Festival

Lubuskie Film Summer

Landshut International Short Film Festival

Berliner Kurzfilmrolle, Freiluftkino Friedrichshain, 2nd audience award

Prädikat “Wertvoll”, Deutsche Film- und Medienbewertung (FBW)