2013 | Single-Channel Video | HD (Arri Alexa) | 7 minutes | Loop


A film by Steffen Köhn and Phillip Kaminiak


Something strange and unpredictable takes in the mysteriously vacant rooms of Berlin’s infamous Techno club Berghain. A group of wild animals occupy the monumental spaces of the former power station. We explore the building together with the animals and experience its dimensions from a new, nonhuman perspective. The brutality of the industrial architecture is confronted with the beauty of these shy creatures.  



Director  |  Steffen Köhn

DoP  |  Phillip Kaminiak

Editor  |  Steffen Köhn, Phillip Kaminiak

Animal Wranglers  |  Astrid Harsch, Michel Rogall, Ursula Stöter

Sound Composition |  Lonski & Claßen Foley

Artist |  Takis Christos Sariannidis


Commissioned for the exhibition Culture: City.

Academy of the Arts, Berlin Kunsthaus Graz


C/O Berlin, “No Photos on the Dance Floor”



all images (c) Phillip Kaminiak and Steffen Köhn