Always Here

2015 | Single-channel Video (11.10 min)

Throughout their extended shifts, these performers strive to entice visitors into private one-on-one sessions. However, the routine and banality of everyday life inevitably punctuate their performances as they are waiting for customers. Always Here captures moments of ennui, everyday conflicts within couples, and instances of genuine closeness and affection. These fleeting moments of intimacy occur under the constant awareness of being observed by strangers. The work explores the tensions between the private and the public, between voyeurism and empathy. This dynamic unfolds as images initially intended for individual consumption on a laptop screen are reframed for collective spectatorship within the cinema dispositif.

Always Here is a post-cinematic documentary delving into the lives of adult webcam performers. The video unfolds on websites where users can pay for private erotic performances, featuring men, women, and couples. Predominantly, the ‘models’ on these platforms hail from Eastern Europe, notably Romania and Ukraine. While many operate from expansive sexcam studios with numerous cabins, an increasing number provide services from the intimacy of their own homes.


The Sea Is Glowing. Drugo More, Rjeka, Croatia
Eintritt in ein Lebewesen – Von der sozialen Skulptur zum Plattformkapitalismus. Kunstraum Kreuzberg-Bethanien. Berlin, Germany
Video of The Month. Hartware Medienkunstverein Dortmund, Germany
Re*Creation. Fotograf Gallery Prague. Czech Republic
Invasive. 48 Stunden Neukölln. Berlin, Germany
International Film Festival Rotterdam
European Media Arts Festival Osnabrück
Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival
Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival
Vkunst Frankfurt, Kunstverein Familie Montez
Guanajuato International Film Festival
dokumentART Neubrandenburg – City of Neubrandenburg Award
Kurzfilmfestival Köln
Cairo International Video Art Festival
Kongress der Möglichkeiten. Kunstraum Kreuzberg
drama baby! on staging the self. Kühlhaus Berlin
Anthropologies Numériques. Le Cube. Paris

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