After Hours

2013 | Single-Channel Video (7 min., loop)

An enigmatic and unpredictable transformation unfolds within the eerily deserted chambers of Berlin’s renowned Techno sanctuary, Berghain. A gathering of untamed animals appropriates the colossal expanse of the once-thriving power station, introducing an otherworldly dimension to its iconic spaces. The film embarks on an immersive exploration of the venue, navigating its imposing architecture alongside the captivating wildlife that now inhabits it. The formidable brutality of the raw, industrial architecture is juxtaposed with the ethereal beauty of these reserved creatures.


Director  |  Steffen Köhn

DoP  |  Phillip Kaminiak

Editor  |  Steffen Köhn, Phillip Kaminiak

Animal Wranglers  |  Astrid Harsch, Michel Rogall, Ursula Stöter

Sound Composition |  Lonski & Claßen

Foley Artist |  Takis Christos Sariannidis


Culture: City. Academy of the Arts, Berlin Kunsthaus Graz No Photos on the Dance Floor, C/O Berlin

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