2010 | Ethnographic Documentary | HD | 55 minutes


On their way to Europe, Opara from Nigeria, Shahbaz from Pakistan and Ilham from Morocco stranded in Melilla, a Spanish exclave on the North-African coast that is surrounded by a huge border fence. Waiting for their papers or their final deportation, they are trapped in this enclosed city and can do nothing but wait. The video captures this in limbo situation by radically focusing on their sense perception, their increasingly circular movements in this confined space, and their drowning in a sea of dead time.  






Director  |  Steffen Köhn, Paola Calvo

Producer  |  Steffen Köhn

Screenplay  |  Steffen Köhn

DoP  |  Paola Calvo

Editor  |  Steffen Köhn, Paola Calvo, Wolfgang Gessat, Santiago Chillari Soberon

Line producer |  Myriam Eichler Sounddesign |  Daniel Engel  



Rencontres Internationales Paris, Berlin

Crossing Europe Festival Linz

Göttingen International Ethnographic Film Festival

World Film Festival Tartu